Idea to save Water.

Thingamabob to save Water!

I would not consider myself a hippie by any regards. In fact I am pretty far from it, especially when it comes to saving water. I need to take a very hot and long shower every morning just as most people need to have a cup of coffee in order to function in the morning.

I am the type of person who likes to come up with weird ideas and I like to do things that are a bit out of the norm. If I owned my own house I would be one of those guys who ran solar panels and collected rain water from my gutters to water my lawn in the summer time. I also would really like to get geothermal power in the house and if I still lived in Michigan I would run the geothermal lines up my driveway close to the surface so the heat would keep the driveway melted so I would not have to shovel it.

Alright, let’s jump back on to the topic of water.

So I have thought about this for a while. However; I should mention that while I have thought about this, I have not done any research on it so everything I am about to say is coming directly from my noggin with no research and will likely never be fully practical.

My idea to reuse water:

Most everyone takes a bath or shower on fairly regular basis. All that used water ends up going down the drain and is wasted never to be used again. I thought of a really cool idea a while back to take that wasted water and make it usable again.

What I was thinking we could do is create a second drain line off of the main drain line in the tub (This could actually also apply to sinks and possibly even washers). The second drain would be attached to the side of the old drain and it would have a wire mesh filter on the front of it.

The wire mesh filter would be the first line of filtration against larger stuff like, dirt, stones, hair, poo, etc. As you are taking a bath or shower some of the water being drained would go down as normal along with larger debris. The rest of the water would go down the side/second drain. The water would then be ran through a filter and end up in a tank that is heated to 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now I know what you are already thinking that just because you boil water and filter it does not make it clean (consumable). I think it makes it clean enough to reuse as bath, shower or sink water. It also makes it clean enough to be used as toilet water (which in a lot of homes is 2+ gallons of wasted water per flush). My thought would be that this second tank would be ran to specific systems in the house such as the toilet or bath.

Another other option would be to build a condenser tank and the water being boiled would evaporate and be blown into the condenser tank and then that water could be routed to anywhere in the house for use or consumption.

The second tank of water could actually be used for anything such as watering your lawn or washing your car. I know a lot of people will read this and think that it sounds pretty gross, but I look at it like this:
It cannot be any worse or gross than swimming in a community pool. My idea is pretty similar to how a pool works in that it recirculates the water though a filter and is pushed back out. The water that little kids are peeing in is only cleaned by the chlorine that is being put in by the owners on a regular basis? Yet people still jump in and splash around and play in.

My system has a filter and it is being cleaned by being boiled. While we could use a system that added bleach, chlorine or iodine tincture I would prefer not to use chemicals. So all in all I feel it is pretty safe and usable at its core.

Anyways… This is just my thought / idea to save water. I know it seems gross and might even seem dumb, but when you think about parts of California right now who are on the verge of running out of water due to dry spells and the cities themselves are fining the general public if they are caught wasting water. My idea does not seem so crazy.

Bearded Journey – Update

Welcome to the second post about my Bearded Journey.
As of today we are going on almost 2 years and 3 months worth of growth. My original post with my photos from 1 month to 1 year 4 months can be found –> Here.

I don’t have a whole lot to say that differs from what I said in the original post. I have noticed that the longer it gets the less wild of a look it seems to have. I also have noticed because I am a ginger that I tend to get a ton of compliments about my beard. I am sure to most people I look like a hobo, but to others they really love the colour and how bright it is. After two years I stand by my original comment when I said “The hardest part about growing a beard is growing the beard.”. I still get various comments every now and then telling me I should trim it. I just keep my head up and ignore people who say this and you need to do the same.

What is my growth goal?

Well, I do not really know. I would really like to try and grow it fairly long. I am talking ZZ Top long. Just to be able to say I did something like that. After I achieve this goal, if I like it I will likely keep it. However, if I do not like the length I will probably trim it maybe a little shorter than it is currently.

Do I have any issues eating with it?

lol, sometimes!
I am actually pretty good at making sure food enters my mouth and stays off of my beard. However, every now and then it cannot be avoided and I end up with cheese sauce or something in my beard. At first I thought this was going to be embarrassing, but it actually turns out to be quite funny and everyone around me usually just laughs and I say the typical line “I am just saving it for later.”.

Will I ever cut it off before I reach my goal?

It is very possible.
I am currently in the process of trying to find a career. I would really like to work for Google in their Business / Marketing Dept. I would also enjoy working for them as an IT person doing various Networking projects. I have recently sent in my resume to be a Business Intern and if they called me to come in I would shave all of this off.
I do not think I would shave for just any job though. It would have to be something I really wanted to do to shave for an interview or at least something I felt would really advance me into an actual career.

Well… How about we go on to the picture update?

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Time Travel and Parallel Universes

What if Time Travel has been possible and people have been traveling to the past and future for years?

When I am sleeping or I am sitting around just thinking about random things no normal person should be thinking about I often wonder the possibilities of time travel already happening. I would like to try and explain my theory or take on such events happening right now and why we might not have noticed the results or effects of the time travelers.

I know what you are thinking right now. If people are traveling though time and making changes then we would never notice the changes because everything would have happened as they should have and nothing would be a miss.

Well okay, but let us take a few minutes and open our minds to the possibilities that we are aware time travel is happening and also open our minds to the possibility of time travel.
When I think of time travel I think of two instances in my life that I have seen it disproven. One of the instances was based on a fictional TV show “Big Bang Theory”. Sheldon and Leonard are going over the roommate agreement papers and one of the clauses in the agreements is if either of them discover time travel they would travel back into the past at that exact moment of the contract signing. Leonard and Sheldon sign the agreement and pause for a second in hopes that their future selves visit them in the past. After a couple seconds nothing happens and they are both disappointed.

The second instant I have read about and is an actual true story.
On June 28th 2009, Stephen Hawking threw a party and invited time travelers. No one showed up. Hawking did this to disprove the theory of time travel, but I have a weird idea/theory that might be the reason why we don’t notice time traveling happening around us.

Whew. That was a pretty long introduction haha! Here we go.

What I would like to propose is that time travel is possible however; you cannot actually change our current timeline. When traveling though time you instead create an alternative timeline or I would really like to call it a parallel universe.

Scientist already believe that there are an infinite amounts of universes. Some scientist think there are numerous amounts of parallel Earth’s that are all based on different outcomes throughout the life of the Earth itself and the things that inhabit it. For example: We could call our Earth “Earth 1” (If you are a DC Comics fan you might get the reference). On Earth 1 you flip a coin and it lands on heads. On a parallel Earth we would call “Earth 2” you flip that same coin, but this time it lands on tails giving us a whole other timeline.

So let’s tie my theory into the parallel universe theory.
This time we are going to be observers of a person who is getting ready to use their time machine. This person is getting ready to travel to June 28th 2009 to attend Stephen Hawking’s Time Traveler Party. They hop in the machine and press a few buttons. Lightning bolts shoot around the machine like it is a homemade faraday cage and in an instant we are sitting in Mr. Hawking’s kitchen watching the Time Traveler eat a piece of cake and drinking tea with Mr. Hawking himself.

When we return to our present time we hop on Google and see if what we witness just happened. We see a 2012 article that states “Stephen Hawking Throws Time Travelers Party. No One Shows.”.
What the heck right? We just witnessed it happen.

Here is what really happened:
During the time traveling process the time traveler created a parallel universe (Earth 2) and he visited Mr. Hawking at his party. If we were on Earth 2 and we Googled “Stephen Hawking Time Travel Party” we would see that this in fact did occur and on Earth 2 the world would know that time travel actual exists.

With that very long and drawn out example and explanation I would like to think that time travel is possible, but we would never actually know the changes it causes because it would never change anything on our timeline. I’d like to think of it as the universes way to protect itself and everything in it.

I do know there are some flaws with this theory. One of the biggest flaws might be if we are time traveling and creating a parallel universe how does one make sure they get back to their original timeline?
Is it possible that the time traveler never actually left in our timeline? Which means when he did travel through time and create the parallel universe he actually gets stuck in the parallel universe with no way to come back, but meanwhile on our current timeline the time travel process failed and he never actually left.

Crazy.. I know.. This is my brain and what I think about. I love theoretical sciences because anything is possible.
Hope you enjoyed!

The Journey of the Beard.

Some would say that growing a beard would be an easy task, but I beg to differ.
Growing a beard is actually quite hard to do. Lots of people do not have the genetics to grow facial hair very fast or possibly even at all.
During my journey I had ran in to many things that set me back or made me think twice about what I was doing. I will explain my mistakes and the troubles I ran in to, to hopefully prevent you from making the same mistakes.

I am not by any means and expert on facial hair growing. My beard as you will see from the photos below make me look like a hobo (most of the time).
The number one hardest thing about growing a beard is actually growing the beard. During this process you will have the urge to trim your beard. DON’T!
During the 1 year and 4 months I have been growing mine I ended up trimming it 4 or 5 times in the early stages and it turned out to be a very bad idea. 9 or 10 months in to the growing of the beard I began to feel real hobo-ish looking. So I started shaving my neck line to about the bottom of my jaw line, not realizing that by doing this I was cutting away most of the thickness of the beard as it grew longer. There was a period about a year in to the growth of the beard that it ended up looking really weird and thin. I thought about just scrapping the beard at that point and starting over, but I decided against that and I began to just let the hair grow and not touch it. It has been about 4 or 5 months now since I stopped trimming at all and now my beard looks much, much fuller.

Now I don’t normally care a whole heck of a lot on how I look which brings me to probably my second and last reason why growing a beard is hard.
Friends, Family and Strangers: If you are unlucky they will nag you about shaving. Telling you that you need to shave every time they see you. It tends not to play well on your psyche and makes you want to do bad things to your beard. Do not listen to them. If you want the beard, let it grow.
When should you shave? After knowing what I do now I would say “Never!” However; you should trim when you feel like you are ready and feel the need to round out the beard around your face.
Now I cannot tell how to do this as I have no experience with this. I actually have my mother who is a hair stylist do this for me when I go in for a haircut. The only thing I can tell you is when you trim your beard, not much comes off. You just remove enough hair to round off the beard to whatever style you are looking for. Oh and also to shorten those strangely long hairs that somehow grow to be 5 inches longer than any of the other hairs on your face.

Why did I begin this journey?
The short and sweet answer is: Nov 2012 – No shave November came and I was 30 years old and I had never grown a full beard before. I decided it was time to give this a try. I had no motivation other than this. Below will be some photos of my journey and you can see what I started with and where I am now with my beard.

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The gallery above should be in order from 1 month to 1 year and 4 months.

In the gallery the last photo you will see is Beard Balm. I have recently discovered two items that everyone who wears a beard needs in their lives.
Beard Balm and a Boars Hair Brush. I got my Beard Balm from one of the main reason I got it from this website is because it is made in Detroit, MI. I currently reside in Michigan so I felt like I wanted to help out people in my State by buying their products. I was very surprised when I received a handwritten note with my Beard Balm. It was nice to see a company who cared enough to take the time to actually write to a customer.
The last thing I mentioned above was the Boar Hair Bristle Brush. When/if you buy one of these make sure you read the reviews and make sure it is real boar’s hair. I bought one from a company called Bass and it was not real boar’s hair, it was nylon or plastic bristles. It was also kind of hard and if you brush too firmly it can hurt your skin. Find yourself a soft brush and you won’t regret it. The day I got the brush in the mail I went in to the bathroom and started to brush my beard and I was instantly amazed by how well it groomed me. I had less wild hair flaring off of my face and I looked like I actually took care of my beard! This was something I had been trying to achieve ever since I started growing it!
The Beard Balm I have only used twice now, but it is awesome! It keeps your hair in place, but does not make your beard hair all hard and crunchy. It keeps the beard very soft and the wax seems to disappear or soak in to the beard fairly quickly so you do not have a greasy feeling beard. Also it smells really good and I don’t normally like smelly stuff. It sort of smells like freshly cut sawdust to me and I dig that. It completes my lumberjack man look!

That is all I have for now! I will update on this subject as much as I can, so check back!
Keep on growing everyone!


I am back again like the herpalurpies.
This time I am hoping to bring you a more steady stream of blogging. Probably not super steady, but it should be fun none the less.

So around this time last year I picked up my first DSLR camera and I bought it with the sole purpose of doing Astrophotography. Now for those of you who have no idea what this is. Simply put it is the photographing of the sky. Be it the Sun, Moon, Stars, or even deeper sky objects like Nebula and Galaxies. Well to my surprise this can be a super expensive hobby. So what I think I am going to do with this blog (among other things) is talk about my adventures into jumping in to the field of astrophotography. What I have learned and things I have done. Next weekend I am heading to a Dark Sky Park in Mackinaw City called The Headlands. Before I head up I am looking to fabricate up a Barn Door Tracker. This will allow me to track the sky so I can take longer than 20/30 second exposures with my camera with out having any stars start trailing in my photos.

I will take photos and complete a write-up on the tools/hardware used to construct this and I will also include the prices as well.
I have visited many sites and they all offer what I am going to be posting, but hopefully I will have more of an All-in-One stop shop type setup for you guys.
Hopefully this will be a nice blog for the new guys getting into the field. We will basically be learning together and hopefully I can get a small following of people and we can have discussions and toss around ideas and what-not.

I will try and make this as professional as possible, but my grammar is going to be something that some may find unbearable. That being said, if you are still reading this, hold on tight.

So for starters I will go over my current equipment and setup.
I am a Nikon User. The one thing that I dislike about other astro-websites is everyone uses Cannon and swears by it. I feel I have had just as good luck with my Nikon. So that being said, if you own a Nikon body and Nikon lenses, don’t go out and spend money on Cannon.

Camera Body:

  • Nikon D5100 (If I was to buy a camera again I would buy a full-framed sensor camera)
  • Lenses:

  • Nikkor 35MM f/1.8 (My Baby! I love this lens)
  • Nikkor 85MM f/1.8 (I have not used this yet on the stars)
  • Nikkor 18-55MM f/?.? (I like using the 18MM)
  • Rokinon 8MM f/3.5 (I have not used this yet, but I will soon!)
  • Nikkor 70-300MM f/4.5-5.6 (Hoping to use this for deep sky)
  • Optron 500MM f/8 (Cheap-ass lens, I hate it)
  • Tripod: (A good sturdy Tripod is a MUST HAVE!)

  • Manfrotto MK294A3-D3RC2 294 Aluminum Tripod Kit with 3-Way Head
  • So to get you started you really only need a few things.
    Camera Body, Camera Lens (35MM is a cheap and great starting point), Tripod, Dark Skies, Snacks and Drink, and a few hours to kill.

    Setup your camera on your tripod and aim at any stars/constellations your little heart desires.
    Now if you are using the 35MM lens you want to set your shutter for 20 seconds. I have had good luck with a 20 second shutter and had no trailing produced on my star shots.

    What is trailing you ask? The Earth is rotating 465 meters/second so if you are photographing something in the sky for a long period of time you will see the stars start to streak or make trails since the Earth is rotating. There are many options to counter our star photos from having streaks. The easiest way is to use the Rule of 600.
    Take 600 and divide it by your lens focal length (ours is 35MM) 600/35= 17.14. So in reality the longest you really want to expose for is 17 seconds. My Nikon however only offers 10/15/20/30seconds. You could be on the safe side and shoot 15 seconds. I however have done most of mine at 20 seconds and had little to no trailing.

    Back to where we were: So we have the camera on the tripod and we are shooting Orion at 20 seconds. We take a look at the photo and we love it!
    Woohoo! Our first Astrophoto! Really that is pretty much the easy part.

    The next part which I have not dove into yet, but I will be in two weeks is photo stacking.
    So lets say you are shooting Orion and the photo is nice, but is a bit faint. So we would take multiple exposures of Orion and then when we import them on our PC/MAC we would use a program called Deep Sky Stacker (Freeware) and we would stack and align our photos. By doing this it would remove a lot of the grainy/noise from our photos and also make a nice brighter photo.
    More on this to come in the later weeks.

    Now, lets assume you want streaks/trails in your star photos. We could create Startrails! I absolutely love these photos! You can see a couple of mine in the photos below.
    For this you pretty much just set your shutter to 30 seconds (if your in a really light polluted area) and take hours worth of photos of just one spot in the sky. You would then take all of the photos and stack them in Photoshop or this program I like to use called Startrails (Freeware). This program pretty much does all the work for you and fairly quickly.

    Well that is about it for now. I will add more when I do more and learn more!

    I will add in some photos I have currently taken over the past year. This is not all of them, but the ones I find most fascinating (or the ones I like the most).
    Most all of these are taken with my 35MM. The only exception is the shot of the lit of staircase and Orion overhead. I took that with the stock 18-55MM lens the D5100 came with.

    Harbor1 BluSky

    Harbor2 Orion

    PurpSky Startrail1


    If you would like to see more of my photography/astrophotography you can check out my Flickr Account <—Click.

    Like I said above, I plan to add more about this subject on this blog and hopefully someone will be able to use this as a reference to help them along in this hobby.
    If you have any questions feel free to ask. I am learning this too so I may not be able to help right away, but I can probably find the answers.

    Check back later!

    Week 1 Down.

    Week one of eating more/better and exercising is complete.
    So before the start of this I took some measurements and this is what we are looking at.


    Waist (Just below my belly button)
    -48 1/2inches

    Hips (Where I wear my jeans/shorts) (I currently wear a size 36 or 34 jean/shorts)
    -41 1/2inches

    Bicep (Both Left and Right)

    During this regiment of exercise and dieting I will be consuming protein and fish oil. I take the fish oil on a regular basis and I hope to take the protein on a regular basis as well.
    Fish Oil – 2000mg
    Protein: Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein: Double Rich Chocolate (23g per scoop)

    So lets get right down to things and I will tell you what I did during the first week:

    WEEK 1:

    Monday 7/8/13
    -Had Semi at work. (This was my daily exercise since the Semi is pretty intense work)
    -Pulled Pork for lunch/dinner.
    -Consumed Water the entire day.

    Tuesday 7/9/13
    -Taco Bell for breakfast. (3 HS Tacos + Side of Nachos + Large Dr. Pepper)
    -Pulled Pork for lunch/dinner.
    -Protein Shake. (46g)
    -Elliptical. (30mins 0.98miles 314calories burned)
    -Worked my arms on the Tower 200.

    Wednesday 7/10/13
    -(2) Bowls of cereal for breakfast.
    -(1) Bowl of cereal for break.
    -Elliptical. (30mins 1.04miles 387calories burned)
    -Protein Shake. (46g)
    -Pulled Pork for dinner.
    -Consumed nothing but water/tea.

    Thursday 7/11/13
    -(1) Bowl of cereal + 2 Bagels w/ cream cheese for breakfast.
    -(1) Bowl of cereal on first break.
    -(1) Bowl of cereal on lunch break.
    -Soup and Grilled Cheese sandwich for dinner.
    -Elliptical. (30mins 1.04miles 345calories burned)
    -Worked my arms on the Tower 200.
    -Protein Shake. (23g)
    -Consumed only water.

    Friday 7/12/13
    -Roasted Chicken on Mashed Potatoes w/ Gravy for breakfast.
    -Drank Snapple and water.
    -Salad w/ ranch dressing.
    -Hungry Howies Pizza.
    -Consumed nothing but water.

    Saturday 7/13/13
    -Ate leftover pizza.
    -Nature Hike. (2miles)
    -Burger King. (Double cheese burger and fries)
    -Consumed soda and water.

    Sunday 7/14/13
    -Grilled cheese sandwich.
    -Consumed only water.

    Current Weight: 225lbs
    Total Lost for Week 1: 5lbs

    As you can tell I work the night shift so I eat weird things at weird times.
    I also usually do not eat much of anything during the day which is why I believe I am fat. I think whatever it is I do eat gets stored in my body as fat because I don’t eat regularly.
    As you can see on Sunday and you will see this coming Mon/Tues/Wed I will not have much on my list for food.
    I am sometimes just not hungry, so I have been trying to force myself to eat breakfast and at least lunch.

    Not bad for the first week. I don’t feel different or look different yet, but hopefully soon I will.
    Stay Tuned!

    Look who’s back.

    Well it is July 9th 2013 and I have not written anything on my blog in quite some time.
    I am in the process of changing my habits, my goals, and my life. I have been getting fat and increasingly sick as the years/months go by.
    I think a lot of it might be due to my unhealthy lifestyle.
    So, before I jump into what I hope to do with this blog I would like to tell ya’ll what I have been up to.

    Last Nov. (2012) no shave November was on the calender. So I participated and I am still in the process of participating.
    This is me 6 days into No Shave November.
    This is me April 16th 2013 (5 Months)

    Still growing it out as I type this, but I currently do not have a good updated photo.

    I am still somewhat doing photography. It has been a pretty bad summer so far. I have not really had time to go out because my job has had me working pretty much every weekend.
    Also this year the Ticks and Mosquito’s are super bad so you cannot really stay out too long at night without getting all eaten up.

    Well onto the future of the Blog.
    I am going to attempt to do what I was going to do last year with this blog and track/record my workout / fitness progress.
    I am not sure what all it will contain. I do not feel like I need to calorie count. I think if I just eat well and eat like a normal person does I will be doing just fine.
    When I say normal person I mean someone who actually eats more than once a day. The shift I work really messes with my body and I typically only eat once a day and that is at night during work.
    Then the rest of the day I don’t eat anything and I think this is causing me to store absolutely everything as fat in my body.

    I will try and update the Blog every Monday and talk about the previous week and all my gains and losses.
    I look forward to a newer healthier me. I really need to shape up or I foresee some bad thing happening to me in my future.

    Stay Tuned!

    Night Photography Fun.

    So last weekend I went out with a few of my friends and we all took some attempts at night photography. We had a pretty damn good time and I enjoyed myself.
    We started out at this abandoned factory building. So some of my shots are not all night shots.
    I took most of these shots in 3 exposures (-2, 0, +2) and attempted to create some HDR Photos. I feel these all turned out pretty well, all except for my sky shot.
    The only reason the sky shot did not turn out so great though was because the clouds were moving and in the 3 exposures taken the clouds ended up being in different spots.
    I will post of those photos from 9/8/12 at the end of this post.

    Today a few of my friends and I are heading out to try and attempt at some more day/night shots. I think we are going out on a “nature” photography hunt.
    So we will see how well this goes and it should be interesting.

    Anyways! On to the Photos!

    These few photos are my attempts at HDR Photography:

    These are a few photos of the Canadian Side of the St. Clair River:

    Couple shots of the Blue Water Bridge (Port Huron, MI):

    Photography of a UFO!

    Random Photos I thought turned out great:

    Light Streak (Long Exposures) and Moon Jars:

    Well that is pretty much everything! Hope you enjoyed!


    Oh man! 3 posts in one week!
    So last night Aug 31st was the second full Moon August had. It was called “Blue Moon”.
    In honor of this I went out and I attempted to get footage of the Moon to share on the web with my friends and family.

    Well since I am pretty new with Photography I can say that my shots were not award winning photos.
    I did however manage to get a few decent photos. I also ended up getting a video of the Moon as well. It was very shaky but it got commented on and “liked” quite a bit on my Facebook so it made me very happy.

    First off before we get to the photos the smaller shots of the Moon were taken with my Nikon D5100 with a 70-300mm Lens (4.5-5.6 aperture) all the shots were done at 300mm.
    I also have a manual 6inch Orion Telescope (4ft tall weights about 70lbs) I hooked my Nikon D5100 up to this and took a few photos along with a video of the Moon.
    The biggest problem I had was keeping the Telescope steady. Since it was not on any kind of tripod it was very hard keeping the telescope still and from moving around on me. You will notice in the video it is very very shaky. Even my photos are a tad blurred because of this. I am working on a way to remedy this though for next time.

    On to the photos!

    All these photos were taken with the Nikon + 70-300mm Lens
    This first shot is my favorite.

    These next shots were taken with the Nikon + 6″ Orion Telescope:

    Finally here is a video I made using the Nikon + 6″ Orion Telescope. (Note it is very very shaky and jumpy. Still pretty darn cool though)


    HDR Photography Attempts.

    So here are a couple of attempts in HDR Photography I have done.
    What is HDR Photography? It’s when you take 3 identical photos but in different exposures and then you mesh the 3 photos together and create most of the time a cool looking image.
    Here are a few of my attempts.

    Original File:

    HDR Version:

    Original File:

    HDR Version”

    Original File:

    HDR Version:

    Original File:

    HDR Version 1:

    HDR Version 2:

    Let me know what you think.